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New Narration Lighting: LED Bulb Light Series Of Quality And Cheap Deck Lives

- Aug 26, 2016 -

Xiaolan town of zhongshan city new narration lighting factory, is a and application, research and development, design, production sales and production enterprises, the main products are: LED willow light; The LED simulation tree lights; LED tree mushroom light; LED the cuckoo flower lamp; LED cherry tree light, Rose flower LED lamp; LED willow tree light; LED the lilac flower lamp; LED maple tree light; LED lights series; LED landscape tree light; LED peach blossom tree lights and all kinds of LED decoration products.

With the rapid development of social economy, the LED as a powerful tool for advertisement and decoration, use more and more common, has become a corporate logo propaganda and indispensable to beautify the city beautiful scenery line. Along with the increasingly intense competition in industry product, service, and how to pay for their own corporate image, product image, logo to create a unique publicity to attract consumer attention, brand marketing strategy has become a priority, "outdoor marking system" and print various image propaganda forms such as increasingly reflects its irreplaceable role.

We specialized in the production of LED products, we have all kinds of production facilities and improve the design ability, the company will be the quality of the product quality in the first place, to provide customers with high quality products, customer satisfaction is made, decorated with (new narration) lamps and lanterns to the world, let each city night more bright beautiful, more brilliant.



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