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Nine Hot Technology LED Industry Which Is More "money" Scene

- Sep 12, 2016 -

Since 2015, the LED lighting industry "m&a tide, the" LED "price war" of smoke. Today, semiconductor lighting industry is already "blue ocean" become "red sea", the LED enterprise survival situation is becoming more and more serious. As the domestic LED industry competition intensifies, many enterprises begin to find a new development direction, to gain a foothold in the future market competition. The CSP, UVLED, light engine, plant lighting, LED lamp filament... Such as new technology has a broad market prospects, and gradually become lighting enterprise of "object". So the development of their current situation? The future will be how to develop? LED enterprises is how to layout, to seize market opportunities?


Silicon substrate LED

As the LED chip substrate three technology is one of the main line, silicon substrate technology compared with sapphire and silicon carbide, has low cost, large size, high quality, can conduct electricity, etc. Although the sapphire substrate and silicon carbide (SiC) base is one of the main technical route in the market, but is limited by the material, it's hard to do eight large size extension, at this stage the sapphire substrate do 6 inch more and there will be some limitations, and silicon substrate can do more than 8 inches.

With two foreign technology route has 20 years of development history, compared to silicon substrate LED technology research and development to the formation of industrial cluster from the start, in ten years, constantly improve, constantly beyond, self-motivated. At present based on the silicon substrate LED technology, lattice lighting as the core, through upper, middle and downstream vertical integration, has been formed in the country has several ten companies of the silicon substrate LED industry chain, certain cluster scale, the radiation effect is obvious. In 2012, the silicon substrate LED industrial output value 500 million yuan; Industrial output value of more than 1 billion 2013 yuan. In 2014 the whole industrial chain to realize value 2014 yuan. 2015 annual output value of 5 billion yuan, the next three years can form billions production scale.

Lattice lighting (jiangxi) co., LTD., silicon LED research and development, vice President of money, "said Dr Sun 6 inches on the silicon substrate gallium nitride based high-power LED research and development, is expected to reduce the cost of more than 50%.

Visible, under the drive of cost advantage, nitride LED chip production shift from sapphire or SiC substrate to the silicon substrate. As technology advances, silicon substrate will be LED products greatly reduce the production cost, increase the degree of automation is one of the main technical route.


CSP as a new chip size package technology, has many advantages. On the design of lamps and lanterns, because the size is reduced, can make the lamps and lanterns design more flexible and compact structure and more concise. In performance, due to the small shiny surface, high dense characteristics of CSP, easy to optical directional control; Using the electrode of flip chip design, make its current distribution is more balanced, more suitable for current drive; Droop of the effect is slow, and reduced the light absorption, make the space of CSP has further enhance photosynthetic efficiency. On craft, sapphire make phosphors and chip MQW region distance increases, phosphor temperature is lower and the white light conversion efficiency is also higher.

The CSP technology has many advantages, but at present domestic backlight manufacturers have not mass production, more are some sample to try. In terms of performance and reliability of CSP will face low light efficiency, welding current problems such as difficult, light color consistency, haven't really meet application requirements.

In the future, with the constant innovation of CSP technology is perfect, make its performance improvement and cost reduction. In a flash, car lights, display, and other fields have a bigger development space, to create greater value, this can mean a CSP technology LED encapsulation will be the future development trend.


UVLED generally refers to single wavelength under 400 nm invisible light, also known as uv LED. Has the direction of good performance, low voltage, green environmental protection, the wavelength can be measured, long life, light and flexible, fast switching and seismic resistant to moisture etc.

UVLED consists of uv-a (320 ~ 400 nm), UV - B (280 ~ 320 nm) and UV - C (200 ~ 280 nm) three categories, respectively applied to use curing device, counterfeit detector, etc., in the field of medical/biological therapeutic apparatus and analysis instruments, sterilization. Current UVA UVLED market accounted for ninety percent.

The shorter the wavelength of ultraviolet LED luminous efficiency is lower, the preparation of the difficulty is higher, the price is more expensive. The UV and UV B - C band LED luminous efficiency is only 10% - 10% of uv-a, price is about UV - ALED 10 times. Because UVLED high technical threshold, chips and packaging technology is not mature enough, lead to UV and UV B - C industrialization process is relatively slow.

With deep uv LED (light emitting wavelength shorter than the 300 - nm) key technology constantly breakthroughs, ultraviolet light source is applied to daily life, the production of scientific research, homeland security, biological, medical, biological detection, all-weather confidentiality non line-of-sight communications, and many other fields.

According to the French market research firm YoleDeveloppement investigation, according to a report by UVLED market scale will reach $270 million in 2017, more than a third of the whole uv light source market, the compound annual growth rate as high as 43% in five years, thus forming competing situation and uv mercury vapor lamp.

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