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Osram Successively Stripping To Sell Assets, What

- Sep 21, 2016 -

According to bloomberg, Siemens is considering selling its remaining 17% stake in osram, worth 777 million euros, or about $872 million, potential buyers including China investors GSR ventures.

The news that other Chinese investors are attracted to the equity transfer, including some PE institutions. The deal is expected to fastest was released this month.

According to the latest performance in the second quarter of 2016, osram this season revenue of 1.442 billion euros, up 6.6%; Net income of 28 million euros, fell 56.8%. According to the sale price of Siemens, osram's overall valuation of 4.57 billion euros, or about 34.293 billion yuan.

Upstream chip companies in recent years, because of China's LED rapid expansion has brought intense price competition capacity, make abroad including osram LED enterprise market share continuously squeezed.

At present abroad some bottleneck LED the development of the enterprise has reached a certain stage, this part of the sell is not their core business. As China's LED chip and rapid rise of the forces of the packaging enterprises, weak market competitiveness to osram LED lighting device.

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