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Philips Lighting SceneSwitch LED Lights Can Use The Existing Light Switch To The Dimming Control

- Aug 24, 2016 -

Philips lighting has released new Philips SceneSwitch LED bulb series, the series of bulb provides a variety of different lighting conditions to meet the demand of users evolve home lighting.

Today's single-family and apartment buildings gradually evolved into a multiple USES of space: a work, relaxation can also has the entertainment function of the field. Philips lighting new SceneSwitch LED lamp series, let users can through the existing light switches to change the lighting situation.

Director of philips lighting, LED lamps and lanterns industry Mahesh Iyer said: "after our survey, only 10% of consumers home the lamp have dimmer function. Our new bulbs series let the consumer can easily change the lighting setting, such as concentration, and the situation of high brightness of the beams is converted into a warm, relaxed natural light ─ all regulation need only existing light switch." From installing dimmers or the need of sharp transformation, let a space be truly versatile lighting. "

Philips lighting in July 2016 launch SceneSwitch LED lamp lighting situation allow users to easily change a space.

Modern family how to influence the development of lighting lamps and lanterns

For lack of living space and real estate makes many people have to live in the same space for a variety of purposes, or choose to live in smaller space. Research firm Ipsos market survey recently pointed out that, although now live a field has many USES, but most of the homes can't change the lighting situation.

New philips LED lamps and lanterns series SceneSwitch simply switching. Users don't need to do any structural change, dimmer, or extra cost, to change the new lamps and lanterns. Users to adjust the light switch as long as can quickly select situations, and successfully convert situation into a reading room or entertainment lighting.

Lighting a comfortable situation

1. The bright situation

Illuminated in the user needs to space, and clearly see the details, can choose bright situation, the girls when making up, for example, is very suitable for bright situation, a good finish makeup look. Philips SceneSwitch LED lamps and lanterns is 2700 k, 800 lumens, give users more bright and focus lighting, able to focus more on details.

2. Natural setting

Natural setting to simulate natural light to the enjoyment of reading time to become better. Natural light situation is 2500 k, 320 lumens, moderate, natural lighting, create a living space for reading. Natural situation similar to the effect of the lighting and 40 w bulb, just is a balance of two other types of lighting situations.

3. Comfortable, warmth

As the watching movies at home, or watch TV on the ethos prevalent, residential space provided for the movies, pot series lighting situation is also indispensable. Comfortable warm light, at 2200 k, 80 lumens, the most suitable for leisure and relaxation time.

60 w bulb have already was released on July 12, 2016, in September 2016 is expected to launch 40 w candle light and 50 w spotlight.

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