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Rookie To Go Through The Bosses New River's Lake To Become Really Interested

- Jan 19, 2017 -

Last week, small make up a filament lamp series, the hand up sword fell and the filament ex-factory price is only 0.5 yuan, caused a storm in the industry, and for the industry of some distortions, small make up decision in this article.

Against united is photoelectric Dai Peng chairman says "filament ex-factory price as low as 0.5 yuan", just as the Dai Peng combining in 2016, the situation of the target market and price forecasting, the league is currently the actual output has yet to reach the price interval, filament distortion resulting industry, issued a statement on behalf of high LED, still hope SIRS rejudge.

And based on this dispute caused by industry, small make up also get a glimpse of the current industry insiders slightly for filament lamp market value, indeed has reached the "there is only the lack of an east wind".

so to speak, has become once they found the market opportunities, strengths into play abacus already, just at present time.

At the same time, this paper deals with the "hand up sword fell", small make up also thinking, hand up sword fell maybe is not only the price of the filament, and the eye on the market, but to lay their hands on the man's heart, they should perhaps now was painful.

Indeed, nowadays the LED industry is in the midst of the change, can give a person a little bit of trouble started up in a cold sweat, and the market is also a bloody blew all over the place.

"It's a knife, cut out a piece of blood! The filament lamp, a once only meet the demand of wind restoring ancient ways and part of the decoration of niche products, on the premise of many doubts still not fully resolved, entering into color in the world, don't ask is it a blessing or a curse."

"But what is certain is that with the LED market is already out of once after the" sweet ", the world of the filament lamp will also no longer beautiful!"

"This paper deals with the filament of 0.5 yuan/article, suite 1 yuan/set, don't believe it! Still should have about 30% of the demand space."

This is part of the small make up intercept industries for the interpretation of the matter. Here, small make up also want to explain is that whatever the market development, as a substitute for the traditional incandescent lamp, filament lamp is in the important stage of industry change, how next step costs down, how the situation development, still have to follow the market rules. And in accordance with the current situation, its market demand for example, since don't have to say more.

For example, a lot of current industry leading enterprises actively integrate and contribute to the filament lamp products final mass production, and combining with related marketing strategy, and the small make up also want to say something to you just got the news.

According to completely investigated understanding, LED industry has repeatedly mentioned some packaging giant, will work with osram, a subsidiary of new and green lighting co., LTD. (shaoxing) in-depth cooperation, at the same time does not rule out the next step will be to the new, and the possibility of implementation of related acquisitions.

At present, new and has domestic RuiDi filament lamp light electricity patent authorization, export overseas problem solved, small make up also thinking, the beauty of this move, since don't have to say more!

To sum up, in 2016, "farmers" will not change, but will only boiled frog, the part of the boiling also touch the filament lamp in the face of the people, let the filament lamp market prices are close to critical point, also keep a mu 3 distribute land is unwilling to accept the fact that, so, also wish well, dear brothers!

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