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Storage Photoluminescence Materials Technology In The Light Of The Application Of The Emergency LED Lamps And Lanterns

- Dec 09, 2016 -

With the fulfillment of LED technology, LED lamps and lanterns has become the market mainstream products, widely used in various lighting scenes of people live and work. Common LED lamps and lanterns as well as traditional lamps and lanterns relies mainly on the mains power supply, although compared with the traditional light source energy saving effect is remarkable, but after a power outage is also unable to provide sustained and effective emergency lighting needs. In the field of emergency lighting fire evacuation emergency battery still use the system to provide the brightness of lamps and lanterns, the lighting system integration solutions exist cost cost is high, the integrated complex integration, installation, use the space, structure, form a single clear market spot problems such as appearance.


 According to the above problem, dalian LuMing luminous technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "dalian LuMing") combined with its own development and production of optical storage type patent product, photoluminescence materials developed multi-type application USES more luminous type emergency LED lighting products, provide the market with a simple, moderate cost of conventional lamps replacement solution.


At present, dalian LuMing has developed product sequence types including LED tube light, LED emergency lamp, LED emergency bulb light, LED luminous lawn lamp, LED emergency flat light and a series of lamps and lanterns category, has obtained the good market feedback, market has been widely recognized. Of expanding as customers demand, the company research and development team is also in constant development manufacture a wider field of luminescent emergency lighting lamps and lanterns, combined with market demand for indoor and outdoor light environment customers to create this kind of low cost, easy implementation, high reliability of the fire emergency decorative LED products, effective to fill the market vacancy, solve the market spot for a long time.


Made method is to use the product series of dalian LuMing patent optical model photoluminescence materials storage technology, through light plastic particles through the process such as injection molding, blow molding or made into luminous blister or mask to replace the lamps and lanterns on the blister or mask, can also pass on the glass or plastic mask for lamps and lanterns or spraying, printing paste type optical storage photoluminescence materials, in addition, in order to better realize the excitation effect, dalian LuMing r&d team also targeted the lamp bead fluctuation full time is to choose, under the same light efficiency on the premise of maximum excitation light storage type excitation efficiency photoluminescence materials, and summarized the best matching scheme of noctilucent powder and LED spectral matching. This series of LED emergency luminous lighting lamps and lanterns has an advantage in electricity normally provide regular lighting needs, and in the evening or cloudy days under low light environment in the case of power cuts provide decorative lighting needs, especially in the case of sudden power failure fire fire, through optical storage type of photoluminescence materials in the light of the lamps and lanterns is produced during the light to energy storage, sending a luminous effect is obvious and stable performance of the emergency lighting needs.

At the same time, optical storage type of photoluminescence materials non-toxic harmless, does not contain any radioactive elements, various color optional, high luminous intensity, long service life. Its luminescent thin film made of, for example, it can be seen that the luminous effect is very significant, is very suitable for various types of fire emergency lamps and lanterns of demand.

Dalian LuMing luminous technology co., LTD., through joint innovation with existing technologies and improve the type of LED grow light luminous emergency lighting patents, to carve out a new lighting market fire emergency lighting innovative solutions.

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