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"Student Of The Great God That Shield An Eye" - Made Marsh All Eye LED Lamp Of The Classroom

- Sep 01, 2016 -

LED industry development up to now, along with the increasingly mature chip, LED panel light effect is not the concern in the industry. But, on the market can do efficient light distribution and really long life, environmental protection LED panel lamp, with a few, and in which can realize the whole eye is "rare".

At present, the domestic most of the school, the classroom lighting widely used traditional T8 fluorescent lamp, the low light efficiency, serious droop, uneven illumination and high maintenance cost problem obvious (such as T8 fluorescent lamp, ordinary LED lights and so on, its photosynthetic efficiency for about 60-70 lm/w, color rendering index is only about 70).

And stand marsh LED panel light, compared with T8 fluorescent lamp, the light efficiency is as high as 85 lm/w, color rendering index > 90, and on the other parameters, and far more than ordinary products on the market at present, such as power factor > 0.9, life > 30000 hours, etc. Products by 34 strict test, has 12 qualification, 21 items of national patents, the indicators comprehensive superior to national standards. Authenticated by the national authoritative testing institutions: light stroboscope, blu-ray exemption level without the hazards.

According to understand, marsh LED panel light, imported LED chip, the United States imported integrated IC drive power supply scheme, with high quality, long life, high conversion efficiency, high power factor and so on characteristics.

"Marsh adopt side glowing optical design of lamps and lanterns, light through the high efficiency, the import of light guide plate of laser dot, repass microcrystalline anti-dazzle diffuser plate evenly spread, make the light even play in the exchanges, to achieve higher light efficiency."

"The current domestic general myopia and a younger age, research suggests that poor classroom lighting is one of the important reasons lead to low vision students." To stand marsh high LED talked about set research and development of marsh all eyecare education LED lighting lamps and lanterns in the first place.

Protect students from vision, therefore, provide healthy classroom lighting environment, the development of this whole eye classroom lighting lamps and lanterns, popular acclaim from the market, will bring the new pattern of education lighting development.

Stand marsh all eye LED crystal panel light from the eyecare six indicators: the glare of light (> 300 lx), intensity of illumination and comfortable (< 16), stroboscopic light, color rendering index (real) 90, color warm white (5000 k), blu-ray core parameter, higher than the national standards set by the parameter, provide healthy, high quality light environment for students.

Among them, the key is one of the traditional T8 fluorescent mercury, do not belong to the green lighting, set marsh panel lamp, do not contain any harmful substances.

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