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Tailored For The LED Strips Machine Perfectly Solve The Problem Of System Control

- Aug 25, 2016 -

 With the continuous development of economy and the improvement of aesthetic demand, with environmental protection, energy saving, durable, abundant display, etc, with the LED type billboard instead of traditional billboards have become a main trend of the development of, thus further impetus to the development of LED industry. High-speed LED placement machine is specially designed for the LED industry custom-made SMT SMT equipment, mainly used to implement the LED circuit board assembly, the important processing equipment for LED production process.

For LED products to meet market demand, the domestic various LED equipment manufacturers launched all kinds of LED fast patch solution, but is still faced with how to solve the gantry synchronous, interference, double stick and a series of consecutive speed control problem. Recently, according to the customer equipment technological characteristics, in the tailored for the customer to in high-speed bus shaft motor control card as the core of system control solution, the perfect solved the customers of the above problems, realize single machine 6000 points per hour of feeding speed.

Customer LED placement machine adopts double patch pattern, namely stick material while picking, in order to realize high speed post. But this kind of material is bilateral mutual interference, need to be synchronized to prevent crashing. In addition, the traditional pattern of feida feeding operation trival, has been difficult to meet today's high speed SMT production requirements of The Times. In logistics mode for one material on the SMT equipment feida installation parts will be use to 1 ~ 2 hours, each feeding strap only 1 ~ 2 hours, the serious influence the speed of assembly line work, continuity. For this purpose, the customer USES the powder feeding mode, but this kind of mode in improving the efficiency of the equipment and the continuity of at the same time, increased the demand for feeding control system, the traditional material control procedures are also put forward new requirements.

Control solution, therefore, customer request must be able to achieve a set of control system at the same time around the two strips, and non-interference in each other, no home; Patch can't slow down, take material must be left the machine, the machine right patch; Right machine feeding, left the machine patch that control process.

To provide LED strips machine system control solutions, integrating their own high-speed bus shaft motor control card, ASDA - M series ac servo system, ASDA - A2 series, etc.

As control core of the solution in the controlling system used in high speed PCI bus motion control card - DMC - B01. PCI - DMC - B01 have high-speed bus communication ability, and can realize high precision control, pulse control precision can reach 1 pulse of servo motor. Have a combination of linear circular arc interpolation function and speed continuous function, effectively solve the system continuous multistage displacement, guarantee continuous speed. In solution stable performance, high control accuracy, high work efficiency, also can match with machine vision system, fully meet the demand of customers put forward bilateral posted material.

In the field of today's LED placement machine, high-speed SMT has become the market mainstream. Control solutions in the system, can meet the demand of customer and market of high-speed SMT, at the same time, through this program, as well as in high speed movement control CARDS with the machine vision system provides a possible and application space. At present, used in system control solutions LED placement machine has been successfully put into production application, and with excellent performance for customer approval.

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