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Ten Years Laser Illumination Or Will Replace The LED Lamp

- Aug 31, 2016 -

A laser, basic no problem lighting area of 100 square meters, the blue laser can also be used in medical treatment, detection, etc. Use blue laser detect DNA, for example, for the benefit of humanity, but due to the laser now price is too high, so the utility ratio is not high, but the future is still a trend. Because of the expensive, is not yet widely used. Ten years, laser lighting should be able to replace the LED lamp.

In addition to lighting area, laser display in the projector, digital cinema, television, stage light, screen splicing, automobile and other fields, will have wider application. In lighting applications, due to the principle of laser light with ordinary light shine, laser light is monochromatic light source, there is only one wavelength of light rather than as manufacturing covers all wavelengths of light source color light waves. This feature makes the laser light intensity of illumination is stronger, light type also can control precisely and rapidly and safely.


In addition, due to the laser light source is so efficient, at the same time of high brightness laser lighting power would surprisingly small energy consumption, which means lower demand for electricity. In the application in the field of aviation have become common, even to such as CubeSat microsatellites illumination applications.

In addition to the laser used for lighting in itself, the influence of the laser in lighting products manufacturing is also nots allow to ignore. Laser processing technology including cutting, welding, surface treatment, punching, marking, marking, sculpture and other processing technology. With the steady growth of the lighting market, LED manufacturing becomes more and more high to the requirement of capacity and yield, high brightness LED lighting in recent years in the field of application of continuous and rapid expanding.

For example in the manufacture of leds, laser wafer scribing as non-contact technology, make scribing cause wafer micro cracks and other damage, this makes the wafer closer between particles, at the same time, the reliability of finished goods of LED device greatly improved, LED in the mobile phone, TV and touch screen can be used in backlight application places a lot.

But dull light source has been unable to meet the people in the pursuit of quality of life, on the bare bulb, hood shapes chimney point but our colorful life. Laser cutting can not only adapt to the stainless steel, aluminum veneer, brass and copper with high reflective material, is more a mold machining characteristics, good meet the requirements of the small batch customization home decoration industry

In addition, the colour of the laser diode can realize the dynamic control, used to generate laser laser diode volume is very small, now LED to solve the disadvantages of monomer glow weak mass array layout, in the era of laser lighting will become history. Light power output of the rigid demand will no longer be hampering the headlight design, combined with optical fiber bending, wrapped around the object or copying, at the same time also can keep the light brightness and uniformity, it also means the designers can design for the headlight modelling produce higher avant-garde design degrees of freedom.

Finally, for the youth entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial success is inseparable from innovation. Can not only see the other people have this thing, just copy and paste, must do what others don't. In my case, doing research, researchers must focus for a long time to do it. Can't say it, I do 5 years into a product, time is short, must not produce benefits of products. Want to impact the Nobel Prize, will take a long time accumulation. Second, must and enterprise cooperation, need to enterprise's financial support, also need to enterprises to research results into products is the right way.

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