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The Chinese Male! Collective Price, To Improve Quality Refused To Profits Posted To Fly

- Sep 05, 2016 -

This week, the G20 summit in hangzhou become one of the largest country in the event this year in China. In many foreign media point of view, this is show in China over the past few years development, fully displaying China's comprehensive national strength of a rare opportunity.

In order to accurately deal with the problems facing the world economy, this year, the G20 summit of hangzhou set "build innovation, dynamic, interactive, inclusive of the world economy" as the theme, and especially set up four issues: the growth mode of innovation, more efficient global economic and financial governance, strong international trade and investment, inclusive linkage development.

Just this week, the LED industry staged a decade "boom", industry insiders said, "ideal or some, one thousand achieved?" And everyone seems to like "linkage" rise, concentration increases.

This is not the let a person remember, just drops purchase of Uber China last month. In the initial stage, the burning money subsidies, circle the user to do big cake first; After the giant, market saturation, quickly turned to profit orientation. This is called commercial strategy.

Although the LED industry not so "directly affect people life", but Chinese LED companies rely on "price" in the past few years to once "" the eight, the retreat of the retreat, sold to sell, can only hold their own worlds.

Although, the source of the rise in price, a lot of people down to the downstream small spacing display demand growth of supply and demand tension. But what is undeniable is that after years of price war, brutal competition, the stage will be the past, stable market pattern is formed with rapid downstream LED permeability ascend.

A task of top priority for domestic LED manufacturers, so, can't again so "income not ZengLi" anymore. Don't say the capital market can't see past, connect oneself also can't see the past.

Finally, the summary sentence: collective price, to improve quality refused to profits posted to fly! China's LED industry, the Chinese LED enterprises male! The future of the LED industry must have been in Chinese companies. (if agree, please go to the thumb up, at the end of the article and forward. Together for China's LED industry pep talk!)

Stab: "about price, wooden Tomlinson star/hon lee/countries/crystal family... that's what they say,"

Notice: this Friday (September 9) high LED encapsulation special BBS, will be held in shenzhen green the world, including hong god remit the kingdom, star power, the photoelectric, yi chang, ZhongHao photoelectric, jie fruit new material, the hill, dazzle photoelectric, east have exposure to recognize photoelectron and packaging materials such as equipment companies will discuss the next era of "encapsulation".

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