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The LED Chip Is A Solid-state Semiconductor Device

- Jul 03, 2017 -

  The LED chip is a solid-state semiconductor device that converts electricity directly into light. The heart of the LED is a semiconductor chip, LED chip one end of the chip attached to a bracket, one end is negative, the other end connected to the positive power supply, so that the entire chip is epoxy resin package. Semiconductor chip consists of two parts, part of the P-type semiconductor, in which the dominant hole inside, the other end is the N-type semiconductor, LED chip mainly electronic here. But when the two semiconductors are connected, they form a P-N junction. When the current through the wire acting on the chip, the electron will be pushed to the P area, in the P area with the hole in the electronic composite, LED chip and then will be issued in the form of photon energy, which is the principle of LED light. And the wavelength of light is the color of light, which is determined by the material that forms the P-N junction.

  LED chip classification

  Uses: According to the use of high power led chip, low power led chip two;

  Color: mainly divided into three kinds: red, green, blue (white raw materials);

  Shape: generally divided into square films, two discs;

  Size: low-power chip is generally divided into 8mil, 9mil, 12mil, 14mil and so on

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