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The Led Lamp Shade

- Dec 21, 2016 -


Milky white chimney's main function is to make the light more soft and more evenly spread into space, and will not produce dazzling. Protect your eyes, also make the lamps and lanterns is more in line with its use function. And the light transmittance must be within a certain range, cannot make light in enclosure waste too much, also want to make the light scattering to each space through the membrane layer, already can't see the inner light bead, also make the light maximum spread out.

The characteristics of the qualified lamp shade

1. High pervious to light, high diffusion, no glare, no light;

2. Excellent concealment of the light source (effectively adjust the diffusivity and light transmittance, on the premise of can't see the lights, light transmittance maximum);

3. The light transmittance of 94%;

4. High flame retardant;

5. With high impact strength;

6. Suitable for the use of LED bulbs;

7. Realize the point light source into spherical.

The choice of the LED lamp shade

The upgrading of the lampshade is faster, and most of lamps and lanterns is stylist elaborate design, for the lamp, not entirely replace the lamp, only need to replace the lamps and lanterns of external lampshade. So want to change the environment to replace the lamp shade is a good choice.

First of all, the first to know about the different shade what is material of adornment effect, the chimney of cloth is concise and elegant impression to the person, paper chimney can build a hazy and dreamlike atmosphere, the chimney of metal material have a kind of cold tone temperament and modern, and drum chimney is bring nostalgic feelings. We can choose silk material of the lamp in the bedroom, especially hand-made and the chimney of hand-painted, bring room downy sense, add close atmosphere; The sitting room can choose linen or parchment material of the lamp.

Second, just pay attention on colour, white chimney light penetrability is better, can match and crystal base, build glittering and translucent get rid of effect; Black and color of the light penetrability is relatively worse, will light radiation down, makes the light of local strong, can match and the base of the bronze.

Finally, according to the shape of the lamp holder to select the chimney, if the lamp holder is curve, then the corresponding lampshade will choose to take some of the style of the curve, lamp holder is a straight line, will choose the chimney of the rules, if the lamp holder looks heavy, can choose the conical chimney, reduce the thickness.

Chimney in use after a period of time, not only has dust cover, and the long-term illuminate of lamplight, cause off color, we can use these little method, do the cleaning of the lampshade in detail place to prolong the service life of the lamp shade.

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