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The Main Technical Parameters Of LED Light-emitting Diode Chip

- Jun 19, 2017 -

  The main technical parameters of LED light-emitting diode chip

  1, forward voltage (VF): applied to the two ends of the wafer, so that the wafer forward conduction voltage. This voltage has a corresponding relationship with the chip itself and the test current. VF is too large, will make the chip breakdown.

  2, forward current (IF): the wafer after the application of a certain voltage, the resulting positive conduction current. IF size, and the size of the forward voltage. The working current of the chip is about 10-20mA.

  3, reverse voltage (VR): The reverse voltage applied to the wafer.

  4, reverse current (IR): refers to the chip after the application of reverse voltage, the resulting leakage current. The smaller the current the better. Because the current is likely to cause the chip is reverse breakdown.

  5, LED light-emitting diode brightness (IV): refers to the bright light source. Unit conversion: 1cd = 1000mcd

  6, LED light-emitting diode wavelength: reflect the light-emitting color of the chip. Different wavelengths of the chip its light color is different. Unit: nm

  7, light: is a kind of electromagnetic waves. Electromagnetic waves with wavelengths of 0.1 mm to 10 nm are called light.

  Light can be divided into: LED light-emitting diode wavelength greater than 0.1mm called radio; 760nm-0.1nm called infrared light; 380nm-760nm called visible light; 10nm-380nm called ultraviolet light; wavelength less than 10nm is X-ray.

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