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The ML COB LED Ball Steep Light Solutions For SMD To Shame

- Sep 06, 2016 -

Hong god remit as a leading brand of LED lighting white light device, has been committed to the industry and provide customers with high quality light source products, and provide the best lighting application solutions.

The ball bubble lamp application solutions, hong god send launched a ML COB series light source products, and on the market of the commonly used SMD light source module, ML COB has high reliability and prevent the technical advantages such as sulphur, process simplified.

ML COB high reliability is mainly reflected in two aspects:

1, structure. ML COB structure of flip chip, completely abandoned the gold thread, no wire, flat wire, welding such as risk (pictured).

2, high temperature performance. Under the condition of the same power, the conventional SMD light source module of thermal resistance is 71.7 ℃ / W, hon ML COB only 2.4 ℃ / W. That is ML COB excellent high temperature performance, maintain and luminous flux is also good.

The most important of all, the ML COB solved the conventional SMD type ball steep light products in use process of vulcanization problems generally. According to the experimental data, the conventional SMD lamp beads after high temperature curing function has black, not present any abnormalities and ML COB after high temperature vulcanization.

Finally, according to the related technical director hong god remit, ML COB light source in the application server directly out the SMT process, only two steps to complete, greatly simplifies the lamps and lanterns of the client's assembly process, has a certain advantage on cost.

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