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The Rise In Price Era Can't "sit Well View Letter"

- Sep 12, 2016 -

On Saturday, September 9, a about "price increase after age", the domestic LED packaging industry where big discussion, green world in shenzhen, high special LED encapsulation BBS.

Big market environment determines the entire LED industry to return to rational competition situation, both upstream, midstream and downstream, after many years of market malignant competition does make a lot of enterprises to survive, for transit.

However, the price is a double-edged sword. Up successful happy, up failed will further squeeze the small and medium-sized enterprise's survival space.

Packaging products price is a reasonable trend at present. Price reason mainly has two aspects, one is because the material such as comprehensive cost rise, on the other hand, for some price sensitive market over the past excessive competition, subsidies gradually return to rational market behavior.

As for this kind of circumstance how long it is hard to say, although technology breakthrough will lead to lower costs, but the market is the dominant factor. The decision may in the terminal application market. However, as a mature product price equilibrium curve also belong to normal in about 10% of the price fluctuations.

After the first half of the baptism of market competition, LED packaging industry is gradually return to rational. At the same time, the LED packaging industry polarization has also gradually revealed.

"Bigger and stronger" have become the target of numerous LED enterprise consistent, obviously Wang Mengyuan said, "in the next few years polarization will continue to exist and has a tendency to increase."

As a result, many enterprises began to adjust the strategic layout, swiftly moving upmarket and LED market segment.

Packaging industry has experienced from the savage growth to the standardization, scale and standard, the process of packaging products now presents the diversification, more need innovation drive, should be the innovation driver stage.

Packaging industry compared to last year, rising costs, growth is slowing. Technology LED encapsulation will mainly towards high power density, high photosynthetic efficiency and high color gamut index is the direction of integration, miniaturization.

Around inversion, CSP, of course, but also the one of the most focus of attention of the BBS.

Main production capacity is limited by the upstream chip manufacturers in assembling a chip, flip and CSP cost reduction in addition to the market demand, driven by a significant portion of the factor lies in the upstream of the supply capacity.

In addition, how to define its market segment and flip/CSP manufacturers need to calm thinking.

CSP in backlight application field at present, the application is relatively common, but is still can't see the value in terms of lighting industry. For the price of SMD two years ago, CSP and perhaps replacing general lighting market advantage, but at the current price so low, already can't see too much significance.

Particular niche applications such as high power integration, backlit advantage will be the future flip/CSP comes in.

Inversion and CSP, it is not to replace the existing LED encapsulation, due to the LED industry and technology show the tendency of shunt, concurrently Evergrande vendors, small manufacturers need to find out their own market.

CSP products in backlight, special lighting and automotive lighting market, the customer has a higher design flexibility. Special commercial lighting, courtyard lamp, projection lamp, flashlight, cell phone flash light projection products such as optical design, CSP has its own unique advantages.

Flip chip LED is being installed, the vertical structure of high reliability, high reliability, especially against pulsed high current shock that a performance to improve the service life of the LED in the practical application and high power density application.

High yield research institute (GGII) LED is expected, the next three years of CSP, flip chip products market share will reach more than thirty percent, at the same time will also be a China LED packaging companies full beyond the best opportunities for foreign companies.

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