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The Tree Leds Light Pollution Is Serious Chengdu Chengguan 68 Street

- Dec 09, 2016 -

"If you look, you can see trees and amenities are much more relaxed, & LED lights such as entanglement by more than 90% down..." Yesterday afternoon, wuhou district urban management bureau told chengdu commercial daily, an official reporter, they start at the end of November on dismantling the windings on the trees, into lamp with merchants to drum up business, sales department bound aureate cloth belt around the tree is in the range of demolition.

City official ChengGuanWei WeChat also issued a call, if found around trees bound, can contact the urban management department, investigation and disposal of "right".

Why would hurt? Light pollution serious residents complaints

Yulin street numerous dining restaurants, places of entertainment throughout. Merchants to drum up business, build the atmosphere that wound LED lights take in a lot of trees. "There has been, all kinds of traditional small lights series, glass shell hang droplight..." The street officers had pei-jun zhang told reporters that in late last month at the beginning of this month, they organize law enforcement power, the area under its jurisdiction to tie up the tree lamp belt, cloth belt were concentrated dismantled. "After the previous baseline survey, accurate equipped with hands, split up soon."

Why the demolition of these seemingly very beautiful decoration? Chengguan & an official explained to the reporter, said that for three reasons.

The chief says, the first is to consider people's safety and life. "Hanging lamp with various now, many of them are with a large area of glass shell, hanging above the sidewalk of the pedestrians pass, broken falls, it is easy to cause harm to the pedestrian. Moreover is the suspension is not scientific, some more than only one meter from the ground, people walk all want to meet, pedestrians to walk around." The above said, they received in recent years, many residents complaints bound tree LED lamp belt, reason is the lamp is too bright, bring to the citizens of low floor living around light pollution.

The officials say, there are two reasons is adverse to the tree growth; Freely suspended, nobody tube broken lights to hang someone take also affect the city environment, "in particular, some developers, habitually in the sales department in recent years in gold cloth belt winding around trees, first is affect the urban grade, moreover is someone tied no one solution, a long miserable very ugly".

What basis? "Landscaping regulations ban" on the tree

Relevant controller introduces, dismantle the tree lamp tape and cloth tape, there is a sufficient legal basis. Chengguan branch & a chief introduction, the second paragraph of article 27 of the chengdu city landscaping ordinance specifically, banned on trees nail nails, wire, rope tied to hang or tied to livestock. "We of the urban management department responsible for garden law enforcement duties, so he led by our law enforcement and the disposal of this sort of thing."

Experts are also explained to reporters yesterday, chengdu botanical garden, lamp tape had certain influence on the growth of tree. "Thermal burn from the LED lamp, lamp act the role ofing to plants, long-term exposure may also affect its own rhythm, trees photosynthesis and respiration insufficient too much. If it is for many years around the branches, as the trees grow wound too tight, can affect the bark moisture transport nutrients, the person that weigh cause death." The, sichuan academy of agricultural sciences experts also expressed a similar view.

According to wuhou district urban management bureau chief introduction, on Nov. 29, the bureau to jurisdiction neighborhood office and new city management committee issued notice, request by December 31st, concentrated rectification of tree lamp tape and cloth belt. "Focus on main trunk road, in and out of the city, such as tourist attractions around the trees on the winding lamps and lighting... through this renovation, comprehensive clean up above attachments," loosen "trees, eliminate safety hidden trouble, to ensure that the order of the city and relaxed..."

The wuhou district has clear removed, so far, 68 road, 177 violations set tree around the lamp act the role ofing, "more than 90% of the dismantled." Wuhou district urban management bureau chief introduction, after complete removal, they will strengthen supervision, avoid the rebound.

On December 7, chengdu ChengGuanWei official WeChat "chengdu city management" also issued a call for: "if you find that there are trees in public is" bound "situation, called '12345' mayor hotline, or on twitter @ chengdu city management And attach photos, once to report, investigate immediately disposal!"

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