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The United States Release The Latest Certification And Testing Of The Radio Frequency (rf) LED Lamps And Lanterns Of FCC Requirements

- Aug 26, 2016 -

OFweek semiconductor lighting webex Released recently, the us federal communications commission (FCC) certification and testing on RF leds KDB file: 640677 D01 RF LED Lighting v01.


1, the definition of rf LED lights

Rf LED lamp is refers to by the light emitting diode converts radiofrequency energy to light energy. Leds are not necessarily rf LED lights, if the highest working frequency is less than 9 KHZ, LED lights such as passive or direct only by dc power supply (no driver power supply module), is not seen as rf LED lights.

2, radio frequency identification and testing requirements of LED lights

Rf leds shall be carried out in accordance with the FCC Part 15 b way of VOC certification. Test methods on the basis of standards for ANSI C63.4-2014. In addition, about the lamps and lanterns of the FCC new test standard ANSI C63.29 is drafting: ANSI - ASC C63 - Electromagnetic Compatibility standards development committee has a project to develop the measurement procedures for lighting devices (C63.29). After being form the official version, lamps and lanterns will have separate test standards.

Rf leds include two test project: AC power supply port conducted emission and radiation emission, test requirements on the basis of FCC Part 15.107 and 15.109, respectively.

It is important to note that about radiation emission test frequency limit requirements, in accordance with the provisions of the 15.33 (b) if the product of the highest working frequency is less than 1.705 MHz, the radiation emission test frequency limit of 30 MHz.

However, according to the requirements of this international KDB file, whether the highest working frequency rf leds is less than 1.705 MHz, radiation emission test frequency limit is 1 GHZ. In other words, is all you need to do to 30 MHZ - 1 GHZ radiation emission test.

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