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This Page 25 High Annual Meeting PPT, To Let You Know That 2017 Technology, Product Design Trend

- Jan 18, 2017 -

Now the LED street lamp system of the United States, Europe and China three big. Among them, the Chinese characteristics of street lamp is modularization structure, module with high protective performance, with high protective waterproof cable connection module and drive; And the street lamp is characterized by is the back sheet of the type, the smooth with toughened glass, little or no heat sink; The street lamp features embodied in the sheet of the majority, safety oriented.

Due to have respiratory effects in the outdoor lamps and lanterns, breathing effect cause gas exchange occurs in the wall, make the external toxic or harmful gases into the lamp cavity corrosion unprotected lamp bead and aluminum plate, causing death lamp.

To solve this problem, the domestic emerged a lot of innovative design. Such as waterproof glue on the PCB board, in order to solve the lamp bead and PCB water corrosion failure problem.

Modularization scheme is Chinese innovation, as early as the beginning of 2009 at the end of 2008, the first to put forward the concept of modular LED lights in China, through the standardization of the LED module can solve the heat dissipation, waterproof, light distribution, seriation, maintainability, versatility, and many other problems in the field of high power LED lighting.

LED industry's future development needs to have a new business model to solve the pain points of the industry. LED lamps and lanterns is half electronic products, the traditional industry, intensive degree is higher, the lower the cost; The higher the degree of intensive, technology is more advanced. So LED enterprises must keep the advantage in talent and technology innovation, make company platform type.

LED high power is the power, the use of conditions and the characteristics of high prices. Especially high-end power expensive problems.

At this stage, the overall lamp market competition is more and more fierce, the product price declines continuously increased, but the cost of power supply in the proportion of the whole lamp cost has been high, resulting in profit space gradually compressed. The cost of the lamp, the cost of the power of 39%, the cost of the lamp bead accounted for 26%, suite cost 29%, material costs accounted for 6%.

With 100 w street light head as an example, the whole lamp price in 2014 from 7.5 yuan/fell in 2016 to 4.8 yuan/watt, a drop of 34%, but the power price remains at 135 yuan in 2016, only 28% decline.

In the high-end power cost, from the cost of raw materials is as high as 60%, XinMingFeng pointed out that when prices unchanged, an integrated circuit can accommodate the number of components every 18 to 24 months will be doubled, the performance will be doubled.

In the aspect of management cost, the future industrial centralization, more bear market, efficiency also will improve. In terms of cost of sales, the centralization of the market and to improve the brand effect. In terms of cost of workers, the future scale of the single product, produce the automation of production. And above all of these can effectively control and reduce the cost.

Encapsulation structure is undergoing change, more and more companies are LED by change packaging format in order to improve enterprise's production efficiency, shorten the production cycle, reduce the production cost. Among them, the advantage of flip chip encapsulation structure form is more obvious.

Flip COB series is equipped with the new superconducting material - ALC aluminum substrate. Coefficient of thermal conductivity is as high as 120 w/M.K, use without glue craft process, no insulation and heat insulation, line board integration, greatly reduce the thermal resistance. At the same time, the products of photosynthetic efficiency is obviously superior to traditional dress, laid a solid foundation for the falling cost of lamps and lanterns.

Flip chip integrated COB new, very good solve the problem of the integrated light source heat conduction, make product thermal channel more smoothly. At the same time, in the process of production of professional testing equipment, X - Ray detection equipment (empty rate) to the monitoring, strictly control product quality, enhance product quality.

Market demand gradually enhance the performance of the LED light source, the pursuit of high quality, high photosynthetic efficiency, high cost performance, and flip the emergence of the light source to cater to the market demand, flip COB is the development trend of the next few years.

While the market demand for space is larger, but flip chip LED to widespread there are still some difficulties.

For example, the upstream chip brand and size selection (relative suit) less, flip chip capacity and upstream will not matching, flip LED technology at present in the high-power products and integrated the advantages of encapsulation is bigger, on the application of small power, cost competitiveness is not strong, flip chip LED overturns the traditional LED technology, from the chip to the packaging, the production and testing equipment requirements are higher, the high cost of the high threshold lead to some companies cannot be applied.

Flip chip LED technology will be mainly focused on the development of high power and high density output devices, and the development direction will gradually to Flip - chip (FCOB) and the standardized optical components on PCB transition.

Everybody do PCT, even with PCT, also is not the same. PCT2835, the very high temperatures in 110 degrees, there must be containing sulfur containing rust, reflect with silver coating, silver sulfide formation, causing light bead attenuation is very big.

We had a AK35 products under the condition of the high temperature of 128 degrees is not cure, but at such a high temperature attenuation. It has a certain relationship and PCT glue material attenuation, we can use the EMC, it will be better. It can be and EMC3030 products comparable to, and the price is not expensive.

PCT of the mainstream products on the market, including the international brand of PCT products, under the same conditions, 34 g sulfur powder tile in 800 ml glass bowl, lamp bead paste on the bowl cover, seal, placed in the oven temperature is set to 85 degrees heat 4 hours, basically no attenuation.

So, PCT PCT is not the same, according to use to choose.

EMC with PCT, we can according to their own situation to choose. Outdoors, I personally recommend the use of EMC products, plastic material is PCT, its heat resistance were less than EMC products. If to go than uv and stability under outdoor conditions, EMC or better.

Have to say, less than 0.5 watts of PPA product is enough, 0.5 1 watt normally choose from conventional PCT; If the temperature is particularly high can choose AK35, is also a 2835 stents; To high temperatures, and the choice of the EMC products.

From the global situation, the domestic assembly house continued to expand capacity, have in the first quarter of 2017 encapsulation of EMC capacity expansion.

Patent litigation in 2016 more than in the past, all for the protection of intellectual property rights is more and more strict, for the patent, we have and the whole group did a lot of work, solve the problem of the global patent, contains the patent of white light.

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