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This Page 25 High Annual Meeting PPT, To Let You Know That 2017 Technology, Product Design Trend

- Jan 18, 2017 -

From 2016, linear IC is to accelerate growth, linear has been gradually accepted by the international market, such as philips cooperation with us the linear products, and based on ODM way. Terminal customer recognition is the most important, at the same time, demand for north American market is huge.

Linear products from the beginning of our long walks in the market, the market now also started a little mature flavor, the future market must be showed a trend of great growth.

Our linear products is also diversified development, once I have said before, if you want to away from heavy manufacturing assets, linear, be sure to see a lot of people have also seen the linear driven part. Where is the benefits of it? Can be centralized, specifications of products in the future can be centralized, standardization, it is simple,

Don't need to purchase more material, more do not need to manage the material.

If the scale expansion, we hope to start with simple, simple linear comes from what we do. Linear once in everybody's eyes to see is the lack of features, today why we switch on the light in the north American market are linear drive? Because technology is changing.

We put the intelligent lighting as three stages:

1, breeding period. High-end crowd, dealer, can save electricity, including some of the monitoring function of integration. But it is now the only high profit, high risk and high cost. But many small and medium-sized enterprises (smes) in considering the traditional can't do it, do some differentiation, make some intelligent lighting products.

But when I found that making money, waiting for you to do in time is not equal to make money, because it involves too much stuff, too many changes, changes of things too much, it's thinking changes every day. So, I think intelligent lighting products is still in the stage experience.

2, development. Now big Internet, Internet companies into the intelligent lighting industry, it will show a what effect? For we do the ball bubble lamp or lamps and lanterns and what role we do? I don't think so, meaning is not big, it just gives you a door, let you in.

And the door, there are a lot of all kinds of door, you don't know from which gate, including wired and wireless now, their technology continues to innovate, including the carrier. The best carrier? Not necessarily, must be the best wireless? Also not necessarily.

This requires a system that is not what we discussed lamp the contents of this level. We can use the lamp on what system? Landscape lighting as we do have a deal, just pull down can be installed at any stage.

Such as mobile phone, will you go home with cell phone turn on the light? I think will not. But switch this thing, everyone here can't missing is the switch. But someone said that the switch into a touch, I think the switch phones touch screen will be better.

But there is a bigger problem, each light loss is not controllable, our own dug a pit for oneself, lamp life 20000 hours now, consumers will have no matter son to change an intelligent lighting? Won't, so intelligent lighting products or limited to business, and this is not a small company can go to exploit the business market.

Intelligent lighting is not a light, is a set of system. Would you like to do today, success must be binding system. And small and medium-sized enterprise is impossible, but the current intelligent lighting just sell these high-income people experience a feeling, I think that small and medium-sized enterprise don't spend too much attention on it.

But we should think about 5 g era should change us? I believe that the advent of the era of 5 g should be intelligent lighting, intelligent medical and so on, this is I have been thinking about it, 5 g era can change our hand everything, including our mobile phones, and so on will change in our lives.

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