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Transparent LED Screen Successful Counter Attack What It Means For Lighting Industry

- Sep 10, 2016 -

In recent years, with the rapid development of economy, many emerging industries such as bamboo shoots is "production", the LED lighting is one of rapid growth. It is everywhere in our life, indoor display, outdoor advertising screens, for these people already very familiar with! New field of application and technical advantages of continuous innovation to meet the daily needs of consumers, make it a flash and open our own blueprint.


Fully, thin, fashionable and beautiful transparent LED screen is to get everyone's first impression, it is because of these characteristics, transparent LED screen is favored by many high-end customers, thus more widely into our daily life, high-rise building/building, large shopping plaza, auto 4 s shops, exhibition hall, science and technology museum, experience center, large construction atrium, brand chain, etc.

Mr Grey marketing manager Zhao Zhihua further said, LED transparent screen main feature is that: 1) data transparency can reach 60% ~ 90%, pervious to light, drafty, does not affect the building lighting and original view, especially the design of the architectural appearance of beauty will not have any influence; 2) the quality of a material is frivolous, often used in conjunction with glass curtain wall, glass window, without adding any additional structure, installed directly attached to the original structure, more safety, lower cost; 3) easy to implement customized, greatly reduce the cost of the customer, transparent LED screen, most used in glass curtain wall and window installation environment is very complex, basic need customized products to match the construction curtain wall structure, and conventional LED display basic are standardized products, customization cost is extremely high, difficulty is great; 4) indoor installation, outdoor watch, more secure, easy to maintain, and for some special items or special area can reduce the customer's approval process can even save approval process, reduce the project time and cost; 5) design fashion and beautiful, extremely rich contemporary sense, science and technology, especially suitable for the field of "media architecture", which cater to the development of an emerging market demand, successfully created a new type of outdoor media dissemination way.

Current at the same time, we also learn about the transparent screen also faces some problems: first, the transparent screen is not yet ripe for the development of the market, the market acceptance of transparent screen to ascend, customer awareness of the LED display also stay in the original LED and glass screen, on the basis of the transparent panel market is also a hit from the traditional market; Secondly, transparent LED screen customized products on the market more, less volume, high cost, it is difficult to mass production. The Zhao Zhihua think: "transparent screen also need to improve their technology in production, improve permeability rate and the picture smooth and display effect."

With glass curtain wall design in recent years more and more, the demand of personalized design is becoming more and more high, the limitation of conventional outdoor advertising screen, the standardization of product features will be unable to meet the needs of market diversification, the characteristics of transparent LED screen will fill the shortage of the conventional display, or even replace conventional outdoor advertising screen in the curtain wall design industry. For this, Zhao Zhihua convinced.

He also said: "transparent screen to the future development of space is very big, will further enhance its display technology. Transparent LED display in the future will develop in the direction of the following: one, the point spacing smaller, high contrast, high intensity, high refresh rate, display more exquisite; second, the people screen interaction, the audience can interact with the screen, advertising the effect will be better, the commercial value of the transparent panel will further highlight."

Transparent LED screen as a niche product of LED display industry, the small make up, it seems, its success can be copied, which found that demand, meet the demand. When everyone is hanging about in the fog, but the most acute sense of smell and unique vision, the people discovered the new business opportunities, and then use innovative technologies, products and solutions to business opportunities into opportunities. To some extent, this also is transparent LED screen bring enlightenment and significance of industry.

No matter what is the meaning of existence, and no matter what the future will bring us, now is the most important thing. Industry trend is getting better and better, hope to continue efforts to continue to insist, only for lighting lighting industry in China to make people regard sb with special respect or new views counter attack!

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