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Value Of 4 K TV: SONY LCD TV Z9D

- Aug 26, 2016 -

SONY 4 k LCD TV Z9D series has been released for half a month, everyone know this TV there are three kinds of models, respectively is 65, 75 inches and 100 inches, starting at $32999. , of course, nobody denies that the price of LCD TV in recent years appeared almost cliffs of fall, while SONY chose to launch a lowest price is in 30000 yuan of above of the liquid crystal TV, may in the eyes of ordinary consumers quite some inverse of history meaning. But please carefully read my article, in order to interpret what is "value".

Not to mention the color aspect, SONY television terri incarnate let color has been leading the industry technology. More, SONY actually application of quantum dots is one of the earliest on TV, with the use of the concept of "quantum dots" no propaganda, than it is now also embrace quantum dots as baby brand high to do not know where to go.

Make SONY 4 k TV Z9D incomparable expressive picture black technology basically has two, "dynamic backlight system - the master version" and "X1 advanced landscape like processing chip". Sounds, the two technology seems to be the upgrade of existing technology, but in fact the technical innovation, almost to the extent of the qualitative change.

Z9D SONY 4 k TV series adopted dynamic backlight system master version, is currently the civil products in the most intense straight down type LED backlight technology, can effectively reduce the halo phenomenon, boost TV contrast performance.

SONY 4 k TV Z9D USES a specially designed for HDR X1 Extreme chip, SONY says compared to previous X1 chip image processing performance is improved by 40%, make SONY 4 k TV Z9D on color, clarity and contrast has a better performance.

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