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Want To Build Up The big Data LED Screen Company To Make The Product More Intelligent!

- Jun 19, 2017 -

Want to build up the "big data" LED screen company to make the product more intelligent!

In the current age, big data is profoundly changing the way people think, produce and live, and there is no doubt that a new round of industrial and technological revolution is on the way. The deep convergence of big data and industry will inevitably produce unprecedented social and commercial value. As a data visualization system application and display terminal, display industry will also benefit greatly, especially to further analyze the data of intelligent display products, will certainly to lead...

The big data in China is in the age of initial construction and is a good opportunity for many industries. In recent years, China has vigorously promote wisdom city construction, city peace big data applications, intelligent transportation industry, at the same time, with the rapid development of digital information, information visualization demand is increasing dramatically, especially some monitoring center, command center, dispatch center and other important places, large screen display system has become an integral based system is the core of information visualization.

In this case, with data monitoring, analysis, sorting, and other functions of intelligent display products are conveniently to become a market boom, as a display of Kings, the LED display screen industry also has a lot of companies hungry, timely seize the opportunity, to push forward the LED display products intelligent transformation. In recent years, intelligent LED display products by continual use, monitoring, transportation, aerospace and so on need to further analyze the data display areas, helping industries area managers from business management, advance warning, command and scheduling, after the analysis to several aspects, such as intelligent decision-making ability to ascend.

 on the other hand, in the field of advertising, intelligent LED display by carrying a camera, a combination technology, 3 d technology and AR technology, for a variety of specific AD data acquisition, analysis, sorting, and can rapidly generate a detailed report of data, and through the relevant algorithms to help advertisers will ads to the most suitable for consumers. Help advertisers to achieve targeted advertising and develop more potential customers for them.

The detonation of a intelligent LED display products is keep up with the trend of the era of big data, as in the industry for its depict the blueprint of the intelligent LED display at the core of the big data applications is based on the intelligent LED display connection after specific users, for users in a large number of industry in the process of product use habits, such as data, so as to have the second, three times the possibility of commercial development. Big data era, for LED display companies each sell out of a piece of intelligent LED, harvest is not only running a hardware sales profit, also includes intelligent display products hidden behind the huge user data, these may be in the future for its profits and commercial return...

Based on the above data analysis LED companies can compare accurate user, so as to achieve the development of new product features more accurate, direct market and user needs pain points; Also based on large data LED screens, the company can "1000 thousand noodles", provide different content and services for the user. In fact this is not a company unilateral idea, as early as last year, China clearly put forward to implement the strategy of big data, and confirmed by 2020 will be large scale data related to market to the current 3 times, reached the target of 1 trillion yuan.

However the current for many LED enterprises, the core is not to collect data for commercial development, but to drive as fast as possible further innovation of intelligent LED display products and market popularity. Only with a large user base can the continuous development and application of data be carried out. And these have to rely on extremely has the market competitive intelligence LED display products as the foundation, such as the personage inside course of study says, the current industry many so-called intelligent LED display even at the very least, a "smart" master all have no, still like the past use computer to control LED display, and some have "high-tech" function of intelligent LED display, the specific operation for the professional users and mostly useless, how to change this situation, make the product more intelligent, is the future LED companies can take on "big data" the key to express.

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