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What Are The Proportional Design Factors Of LED Display?

- Jul 03, 2017 -

  What are the proportional design factors of LED display?

  LED display is the current market mainstream display devices, many friends in the early design of Full-color LED display size design has been a concept of no state. Full-color LED screen size design according to three factors, the first is the installation of the environment, followed by the LED color width and high plan size, LED display the 3rd is usually broadcast content, that is, media advertising, wedding video, high-definition television, high-definition movies and so on.

  Installation environment: Led full color is divided into indoor LED display and outdoor LED display, indoor LED screen is usually a floor space, the width is generally unrestricted, And the height is usually between 2.8-3.5 meters, outdoor led full-color large screen is usually not limited by size, width and height can be adjusted flexibly, the only factor is the layout of the advertising position of the owner, such as a building has many layers, the first floor is the entrance of the gate and the pedestrian channel is not available, LED display  the second floor of the wall is usually the first level of the shop signs, 3, 4, 5 floor is usually a large billboard layout position, this position belongs to the advertising gold position, there are usually many operators want to rent outdoor advertising, will be divided into a number of areas, then want to do in this position led Full-color advertising bit, size may be limited, that for the overall coordination, must accept the overall layout planning, only according to the size of the lessor to design, if 3, 4, 5 floor without any planning, that led Full-color display size can be arbitrary design.

  Ideal size: Led full color display can play different video signals, such as their own led advertising films, guests recorded video programs, LED display television broadcasts, film entertainment and so on. By the advertising company produced by the video content is usually proportional to the LED Full-color screen design, the guests recorded video programs such as outing, wedding Memorial, company activities, such as the proportion of the display according to the proportion of the tool to be defined, such as mobile phones, digital cameras, cameras and so on, TV video ratio is usually 16:9 of the signal output, such as CCTV programs and local Taiwan, etc. Domestic film display ratio is usually 16:9, so before doing led full color, to play the content has an in-depth consideration, if the LED Full-color screen production ratio and play the proportion mismatch will result in image compression, LED display show the effect of a little awkward, it appears that the proportion of distortion encountered this problem, can be set through the LED Full-color screen parameter settings to solve, led full color display up or down or left blank or can add text scrolling information to fill. It is best to design an LED full color display in accordance with the playback ratio.

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