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What Kind Of Lighting Lamps Are The Most Popular

- Jun 13, 2015 -

Modern furniture design and lighting design is gradually integrated, this is a new topic for lighting design. Modern furniture and integration of modern lighting design from the general trend in the 1990 of the 20th century, has become a modern furniture.

Leading global Italy Milan Furniture Fair, Germany Cologne international furniture fair and the United States high point international furniture fair is the furniture and lighting as a whole series of design, display, exhibition and sales. More and more designers of furniture and lighting overall design showed great interest. Many heavy combinations of forms of modern furniture made of light. Furniture to pay attention to the shape, structure, human relations, material textures, such as the overall form effect light should pay attention to the light, shape, color and structure of the overall shape, both form the basis of architectural space environment effects, they are against each other, each other.

1, fashion trend: simple structure, fine workmanship, brightly

Now, home decorative lighting design trend tends to simple structure, fine workmanship, brightly colored, landed in Beijing as we see more and more Italy furniture, their style is very modern. Embodies high fashion style home with lights in the world today, along with the modern style of furniture into the Chinese family, it is with this kind of simple design style lamps, to pay more attention to design simple, focused on rational and adequate use light furniture and lighting efficiency of each other. And not like the traditional concept that complex, colorful, body heavy, design ignores full use of lamps. This is a design concept of revolution. Meanwhile, this high fashion lighting design also meets the energy-saving requirements.

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