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Why Do LED Lamp Filament Became Lighting Industry To Be Bestowed Favor On Newly?

- Aug 31, 2016 -

OFweek semiconductor lighting webex Transition in the development of competition in the industry, product homogeneity has evolved into an indisputable fact. From the perspective of industry, new materials of innovation must be bring disruptive change. LED lamp filament with the modelling of traditional incandescent light and whole Angle, high color rendering, and the advantages of high photosynthetic efficiency, discuss to upsurge in the industry, but the question the development trend of voice also has never stopped, some people even believe that LED a filament lamp is a kind of "perfect" bulbs appear in front of the transitional product. At present, the technology of the LED lamp filament on what are the disadvantages? Have new progress on product technology? Will it be in the market set off a wave again?

Some LED filament lamps and lanterns "literacy"

LED filament bulbs, powered by LED filament, the power supply, lamp holder, glass bubble, standard lamp hardware, etc. In addition, the technology of LED lamp filament threshold mainly has three aspects: packaging, sealing the exhaust and power supply; The drive power supply quality will directly affect the quality of the height of the LED light. And LED light-emitting filament can achieve 360 ° Angle, wide Angle light and does not need to add a lens, can achieve solid light source, uniform light, no stroboscopic, no glare, no ultraviolet and infrared, has brought the unprecedented lighting experience.

In the aspect of color temperature, LED the filament lamp with warm light, warm white, is white. Warm light generally with around 3000 k, 4000 k, warm white general label is white with 5500 k or so commonly, different vendors annotations are inconsistent, the warm light is imitation of incandescent lamp luminous intensity.


LED lamp filament production to packaging system combined with sealing ribbon cable, need across the glass bubble row, inflatable sealing technology and filament spot welding technology threshold of two core technology, automation degree is low, low finished product yield

In 2015, the Chinese LED lamp filament production (half) the degree of automation is only 15%, overall yield of 90%.

In 2017, LED a filament lamp production automation level will rise to 50%, the comprehensive yield over 95%

LED lamp filament "outlet"?

At present, the key technology of LED lamp filament, including: LED filament design and manufacturing technology, the filament lamp glass sealing technique, no frequency ShanHeng of driving power supply technology, the key of design, the manufacture technology are the filament lamp manufacturers must pay attention to and have.

Product advantage: traditional shape, upgrade "formula"

Retro look. Through visit found that LED lamp filament incandescent light bulbs, not only with similar shape restoring ancient ways, and wine bottles, such as stars, strip shape; Can do frosted glass surface, silver, hand-painted art effect, strong decorative effect, suitable for household, bars, restaurants and other places, was welcomed by the consumers. According to a line of market feedback, European and American user preferences incandescent warm yellow light, "full ambient light + incandescent lamp shape" retro elements well filled in the blank market, it is not difficult to understand popular LED lamp filament in overseas markets.

For the week. LED the filament is a new form of LED encapsulation -- PLCC encapsulation, article LED filament light using leds to replace the original LED lamp bead as the light source. Wood Tomlinson Lin Jiliang executive general manager said, because the packaging is the week light-emitting device, an optical loss is small, so the LED filament lamp light efficiency is higher. Article LED lights is in rectangular substrate through the chip packaging, with gold thread connecting the chip to realize conductive, surface again attached in yellow phosphor, 360 °, reduces the cost of secondary optical light distribution.

Energy saving lives. 470 lumen output, the equivalent of a 40 w incandescent bulbs from the luminous flux, a few watts of LED lamp filament can achieve the same effect; Jiangmen gen lighting electric appliance co., LTD., head of the researh material 6000-11, the company is a LED lamp filament through international authoritative institutions, 6000 hours of light for the TUV test failure is only 8%, the product life of 25000 hours.

Eye is adjustable. Turn on the switch and LED filament light began to glow with little time interval, and the light close to natural light, color temperature between 4000 k to 5500 k, but there was no infrared or ultraviolet radiation, luminous evenly, so as to achieve the purpose that shield an eye. Wood Tomlinson Lin Jiliang executive general manager thinks, LED lamp filament advantages are: relying on gas heat, also can use HV circuit structure to implement simple dimming function.

Product disadvantage: heat dissipation, and the cost is the "pain points"

Process difficult, poor heat dissipation. Bulb heat dissipation is good or bad, directly affect the droop of the products, which LED the life of the filament. Due to the heat dissipation problem, to manufacture high power LED lamp filament caused difficulties. LED lamp filament solution to the problem of the heat dissipation can be the filament of the first drive mode by the previous low voltage large current to high voltage low current, then the filling inert gas inside the bubble to increase heat dissipation.

Has not yet been standardized. Has LED the specifications of the filament has not unified, and some a filament is 75 v, 10 ma; Have a plenty of 65 v, 10 ma; When sealing bubble, have a plenty of 2 series, have a plenty of 1 string, it is not convenient to filament and drive the order and stock up. Jiangmen and the lighting head admitted that the current process higher degree of automation, product stable feeling stronger, but needs to improve manufacturing efficiency.

Process complex, productivity is not high. Zhongshan righteousness lighting director said, the production of LED lamp filament on the technical requirements, the threshold is higher, from packaging, stents, phosphor, chip size has a very strict standards. Due to the complex production process, productivity is not high, the filament has accounted for half of the cost, general enterprises are obtained by buying. Visit, shenzhen meaning long lighting controller received said, even if will make the cost increase, will choose more expensive than general 2-5 cents of filament, so the LED lamp filament material costs are still falling.

The future direction three LED the filament lamp

First, in 2016, exports Europe and the United States market mainstream products. Is due to its original shape, convenient to replace incandescent lamp, it can adapt the existing dimmers, and a new generation of dimming filament lamp power supply chip is being born, all of this suggests that dimmer is an obvious trend of the development of the filament lamp.

Second, the decorative type development. In small power products, the appearance of the luminescent spot lies in the innovation design, such as flexible filament, it will be the future main direction of filament lamp. In the future, need to "energy saving, the whole Angle, retro" constitute the majority of consumers, the performance of this will bring opportunities for large-scale enterprises.

Third, to Gao Liuming, the direction of high power. Power will be 20 w, 25 w, 30 w, 35 w, even 50 w. Huang Guangke replaced small wattage of high pressure sodium lamp, Bai Guangke instead of under 150 w ceramic metal halide lamp (because it is a solid lighting, color temperature is stable), and replace the 55 w - 100 w energy-saving lamps.

Great divergence of the market both at home and abroad

Low end market acceptance

LED lamp filament concept from launch to now have been Fried, on this news, the high, also has low. In July, as the industry recognized LED filament light icon in the enterprise main photoelectric in 40 million by the acquisition, for a moment, by hot filament LED lamp. Therefore, guzhen lighting newspaper DiaoYanTuan into a line of research, through investigating the truth: restore market popular domestic terminal market encounter cold, foreign markets, regional market performance "different".

Foreign markets

To accept a high degree of Sales of popular

Since the incandescent light bulb after delisting, industry has been looking for can directly replace the incandescent lamp energy saving products, this kind of feelings in the European and American countries particularly evident. Because incandescent lamp in euramerican developed countries more left early, can directly replace the incandescent lamp energy saving products for consumers in Europe and the United States needs more urgent, so Chinese companies receive LED lamp filament order mostly from Europe and the United States.

It is understood that in 2015, the Chinese LED lamp filament are mainly exported to Germany, Italy, France, Denmark and Brazil, exports accounted for more than 50%. From the point of export growth, Germany, France, Denmark, Brazil, Poland and other European countries growth significantly, it also suggests that conforms to the European people feelings Chinese LED lamp filament has received people's cognition of Europe, the market acceptance of rapid ascension.

According to statistics, last year, China LED the filament lamp's 20 export enterprise exports was $12.6085 million, which accounts for 91.8% of total exports. In 2014, the Chinese LED lamp filament's 20 export enterprise exports of $4.5474 million, which accounts for 98.4% of total exports.

From the point of the concrete enterprise, top 20 export enterprises has 11 for the trade type enterprise, only nine for entity processing enterprises. More than half of the top 20 enterprises export trade type enterprise, the Chinese LED a filament lamp is given priority to with small and medium-sized enterprises through trade enterprises to export, filament lamp market temporarily does not have the size of the typical enterprise.

According to philips, head of the star alliance shops, domestic mainstream market is given priority to with the ball bubble, the traditional light source price is low, the mature technology, wide application, and the filament lamp generally sold to foreign markets, domestic when the customer specified or will choose a filament lamp is used to specify the case.


The domestic market

Awareness is low prices

In guzhen lighting newspaper DiaoYanTuan visit guzhen star alliance with Switzerland abundant light, hua yi square in the city and the national terminal market, found that most of the stores will show the LED light source filament lamp, proportion is as high as 70%, but as a key product to promote, consumer cognition for filament lamp and accept degree is not high, thunder, little rain.

The shopkeeper, according to foreign reporters wrote a line generally reflect: compared with the traditional LED bulb, LED lamp filament prices high. Currently existing heat dissipation LED filament light mainly, driving power supply miniaturization, filament manufacturing process, UL and other technical problems, compared with traditional LED light source technology mature, mainstream domestic sales market is given priority to with the traditional light source. An unnamed businessman reflects, is the main cause of domestic sales of filament lamp quantity of domestic market, price competition is fierce, basic no profit to speak of.

And some of the merchants of LED lamp filament prices remain optimistic attitude, they think: as the demand of LED lamp filament, manufacturers to improve degree of automation, production capacity, etc., the future price is expected to "lower", the key is to break through the filament lamp "bottleneck", let the market in the development of a benign condition.


Merchants voice

Regional market performance "different"


Focus on family light source

Quality assurance can withstand the market test

Ye Shankan

Overflow the ledo, general manager of lighting Ye Shankan introduces to the reporter, LED rise become a big hot filament lamp, product has reached 360 degrees, luminous effect is good, and with each big enterprise in the filament lamp in packaging field, light consumer goods in the family will be more advantage.

Filament bubble appeared on the quality and price of the quality of the "bottom line", takes the market, will tend to be more healthy and stable development in the market, the biggest confusion encountered in operating a filament lamp is: product fake too serious, market capacity is too small, pricing is too cruel, greatly reduce profit, consumer brand awareness is not strong, and the price in the first place.


Good market prospects

Prices increase price

Gong peach blossom

According to nanchang peach blossom lamp is acted the role of general manager gong peach blossom, the LED lamp filament mainly collocation in crystal lamp, lamp, American European light some decorative lighting products, such as display is beautiful. LED filament lamps and lanterns has reached 360 degrees and high photosynthetic efficiency, etc, therefore also got the favour of most consumers in the market. Start relative to the price of the LED ball bubble, bubble, filament lamp price is a little higher, but with the augmentation of the promotion, the price of the LED lamp filament also to have certain advantages.

Nanchang shenyang hui, general manager of lighting GuJunHua said, looked from the overall situation, dealers and consumers recognition of filament lamp and acceptance in the continued ascent, either upstream manufacturers, merchants promote better in next to markedly improved compared to the previous two years, more stable product quality, the price also is constantly adjust, the more obvious advantages, word of mouth good radiance. Filament lamp inside the store sales proportion increases gradually, and compared with the early marketing planning has exceeded our expectations.


In line with market demand

Circulation field

Huang Hanlin

Nanning, general manager of red, green and blue lights shop Huang Hanlin introduces to the reporter, in recent years, the LED light source in the whole lighting lighting industry occupies the absolute market, but early in the market common high-power lamp bead, SMD and other conventional LED light source to the customer's impression is the dead Angle of the light, straight, uneven light, despite the manufacturers according to the above questions invented the "all over the sky star" and so on, pointed, pull the tail dip, etc., but photosynthetic efficiency than traditional incandescent bulbs and energy-saving lamps 360 light-emitting uniform luminous efficacy, thus a LED filament light appeared on the market.

In-store filament lamp are from the gill lighting, LED the most obvious feature of the filament lamp is uniform luminous aspects than other LED light source, uniform light close to traditional incandescent lighting and energy-saving lamps, so much the broad masses of customers love, because is wholesale primarily, in the area every day there are many peers over the goods, LED a filament lamp is the biggest, the share of this sight that the filament lamp light source dominated market advantages, at the same time we should pay special attention to the upgrade of the light source, can only be based on pace to keep up with market demand and changes of market development.

According to xian huayi lighting Zhang Yuefeng, general manager of the shop with candle lights are all pu ears LED lamp filament. Select it, because it is the most save electricity in the bulb, the most beautiful in the province electricity. LED lamp filament for the candle lights, the future is definitely a trend, because people are more and more pay attention to save electricity energy conservation and environmental protection. But in the context of the current market, LED a filament lamp is not perfect, the disadvantages are: one is the brand lamp is guaranteed, but the price is too high; Lamp with a less known and inferior brand low price but the quality not guaranteed; Second, appearance is too single; Three are too many fake products.


The market share is not high

Give priority to with furniture retail

ShuaiWei learn

Taiyuan huaxing lamp is acted the role of general manager ShuaiWei learn that LED the filament lamp as a fresh products, LED products currently on the market and promote the primary stage, as merchants of business for many years, the light source, LED lamp filament I also just started operation, but were also dare not too big, slowly, slowly let the market to accept, now I personally feel LED filament light advantage is obvious, have most of the manufacturers began to produce filament lamp, but the biggest drawback is the problem of the technical problems and price.

In my business LED filament light during this time, feel the biggest consumption group is the household consumers to buy more, after all, small dosage, project promotion effect is general, LED the filament lamp for now occupies a proportion in the whole market is not big, but the potential is huge, LED the filament lamp, after all, is the product of technological innovation, less droop, shiny surface is wide, trust is slowly and LED bulb now market situation, to enter the market after a period of time, recognition and sales are improved.


Promotion is difficult

Foreign sales is better than domestic

Chang-qing ding

According to the new long sheng lighting chang-qing ding, general manager of kunming, the filament lamp products come out for a few years time, in the yunnan market acceptance is not high, can not get general recognition of the consumers, feeling and the traditional tungsten filament lamp. Personally LED the filament lamp at home generally accepted degree is not high, there are some brand specially do export abroad is better than the domestic market.

Currently operating LED filament light brand such as gen, tai cheung and luo yee, select business filament lamp because it better than other LED integrated patch lamp light efficiency, now sales is roughly 30 a month.

Filament lamp current market capacity is small, most are used for decoration, the future may be gradually transition to the business purpose, more chic style in appearance, such as there will be a retro look; At the same time, the filament lamp although the luminous efficiency and Angle, shell material and other technical characteristics superior to patch the lamp, but didn't patch lamp has an advantage in price, this also is many businesses brand awareness is not strong, as a result of the status quo, makes the low recognition of the market. Personal or watch the filament lamp in the future market trends, manufacturers should try in the filament lamp product positioning, from the choice of materials, such as the shape of the product and the heat dissipation technology characteristic, make high quality of the filament lamp products, rather than geared to the pursuit of price advantage.

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