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Why Is More And More Football Lighting Using LED Sports Lighting?

- Jun 23, 2018 -

Sports lighting has developed rapidly within three years, and LED sports lighting has become a trend in the next five years. Since 2015, 30 percent of football pitches in Europe and America have shifted from traditional metal halide lamps to more adaptable and energy-efficient LED sports lighting. For example, the home team Bayern Munich's Allianz Arena, Atticius Arena, Aviva Stadium, Warsaw National Stadium and so on.

LED sports lighting

Tange Garber, president of U.S. Employees Union, said in Minnesota that he is currently under construction at Allianz Arena that the rise of LED systems in sports lighting and why so many football stadium lightings use LED technology.

According to Don Gabor, the most advanced venue for football venues to choose the LED sports lighting system has three main reasons: to improve television broadcasts, enhance the fan experience, and reduce long-term operating costs.

LED sports lighting and controls can improve television coverage

Television broadcasting has long played an important role in influencing the evolution of lighting. From professional football sports leagues to college football matches, LED strengthens television broadcasts by eliminating stroboscopic slow-motion playback (a common problem in metal halide lamps). When equipped with advanced LED football lighting, these clips can now be played at 20,000 frames per second without flicker, so fans can carefully capture every second of replay.

When using the LED football field lighting to illuminate the playing field, the image on the TV is brighter and clearer because the LED football field lighting can balance between warm and cool colors. Almost no shadows, glare or dark spots, so the action remains clear and unobstructed. The LED sports lighting system can also be adjusted according to the venue of the game, the time of the game and the type of game broadcast.

LED sports lighting system can enhance the fan's experience in the game

With the LED sports lighting system, fans have a better experience, not only improving the viewing of the game, but also improving the audience's participation. The LED sports lighting has an instant on function, so you can adjust the lights immediately during half-time or during intermittent games.

Advanced LED Sports Lighting System Reduces Operating Costs

The advancement of lighting technology also makes LED sports lighting operating costs more attractive than before, more affordable than traditional lighting such as metal halide lamps. The installation of LED sports lighting football stadiums can save 75% to 85% of the total energy costs.

So, what is the total project cost? The average installation cost of arena ranges from 125,000 to 400,000 US dollars, while the installation cost of football stadiums ranges from 800,000 to 2 million US dollars, depending on the size of the football field. Lighting facilities. With the reduction of energy-saving and maintenance costs, the return on investment of LED sports lighting systems will usually be seen within a few years.

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