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With Small Spacing LED SONY Really Want To Come!

- Aug 26, 2016 -

BIRTV2016 exhibition site, SONY showed off his code-named ZDR - 1 small small spacing distance between the LED units and ZRCT - 100 LED splicing processors. According to SONY, login the system plan in the first quarter of 2017 the domestic market. This is the first time that SONY launched flagship indoor application of small distance between the LED display system.

High, late start

With the domestic LED industry has been busy three years of small spacing, SONY is late. But this should not interfere with SONY products with high standards of attitude bright.


LED with small spacing, SONY to determine in the spring of 2017

The SONY CLEDIS is the official name, new product technology can be realized from full hd to 4 k showed different splicing screen. Among them, 4 k screen size is 4.8 M * 2.7 M. Product structure, the 100 * 100 mm unit CELL, the CELL unit tell the way to 80 * 120 pixels; 12 CELL unit composed of a 400 * 450 mm casing, the joining together of box weighs 10 kilograms.

SONY LED products, can be as high as 1 million: 1 contrast, zero gap bigger splicing, the visual Angle of 180 degrees, the sRGB color gamut standard cover 140%, brightness of 1000 CD/m2. Achieve the display effect, SONY used the smaller lamp bead products, black is a substrate material suction light, optical structure optimization of lamp bead surface, thus ensuring high contrast, color and brightness can perspective effect.

According to SONY, the product target market is, first and foremost, SONY is good at the field of radio, film and television. As the display effect and the stability is highly dependent on the market, SONY has profound technology accumulation and in the industry of radio, film and television connections. SONY believes that by its inherent industrial advantage and comprehensive engineering shows that the role of technology suppliers, SONY has confidence in the small distance between the LED screen market.

Seeking comprehensive display role, make up short

In both radio and television market, and in the whole project shows, SONY has been is famous for its high-end and comprehensive product line. From high lumens engineering, digital cinema projectors, projector to all professional LCD, OLED film grade of radio, film and television monitor; From the complete set of production, stage, to broadcast radio and television show series products, SONY has always been a leading brand of display of radio, film and television industry.

But in recent years in the small distance between the development trend of LED products, SONY's pace behind China counterparts. This was partly due to the international market is the domestic market, the demand for small spacing LED development slowly. SONY's main sales market in the global market, its product layout is affected by the global market demand is bigger. On the other hand, SONY is committed to mature and stable product strategy, in the field of high-end professional intended to circumvent the risk of the quality of the technical route in advance. Both determine the SONY rhythm of the pace of the new technical route layout is special.

For the LED products with small spacing, analyzes believed that more is due to the "product is mature," city "and use". 2016 is the overseas international giant small spacing LED batch debut year. Including Japanese enterprise, European and American giant, we intensified the efforts on this kind of product research and development and display.

"Giants strength, especially on the international market channels, network resources, the international giants in a dominant position. Therefore, they have reason to any new technical for other companies' trip to ray," eat crabs ", a domestic LED industry staff said. SONY, he thought, such as the lag of the enterprise, is not a reflection of technical strength, but some kind of "risk strategy".

Challenge the visual limit, SONY still reigns

BIRTV2016 exhibit on the meeting, take charge of the "SONY display products on OLED small monitor, laser digital cinema projectors, and the new product line, small spacing of LED screen.


SONY said the three technical products constitute the meet of radio, film and television industry, and even broader high-end customer base, from the smallest desktop handheld display, even to the biggest Olympic stadium giant screen display needs. Technical perfect, the height of the system stability, and the effect on the outstanding.

LED screen, among them, the SONY believes that small spacing on the radio, film and stage, studio, central monitoring system and other applications have adequate performance and unique advantages. For example, the visual Angle, the ambient light resistance, etc., are unmatched by other display technology to temporarily. In the future, SONY is not only committed to provide high reliability, small spacing LED products for radio, film and television market, will expand more market such as commercial display, large conference application direction.

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