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You Don't Know The Projection Of The LED Light Source, A Surprising Change

- Aug 26, 2016 -

A lot of friends in the understanding of the projector is not comprehensive, think projection or silly "big", in fact, now the projector products have changed a lot, especially the emergence of LED light source for the meaning of this market is very important. Leds are familiar, common lighting we will come into contact with this product, its low energy consumption, long life characteristics we have been familiar with. In the field of projector, LED also bring new storm, so to speak.

LED light source due to the small size, for the projector, one of the most obvious change is reduced volume. Put the projector to finally become a reality in his pocket. Now mini projector products use LED light source, its low energy consumption, small volume, long service life, the characteristics of the obvious advantages for the LED color the attention of mini projector is very high.

But now still have a lot of friends also don't know the projector products can also be very small, so the display products often overlooked when the choose and buy mini projector products. Actually compared with LCD, projector screen effect is more soft, the reflected light won't cause a lot of pressure on the eyes, don't want to be liquid crystal screen of polarized light to the stimulation of the human eye is obvious. For children, use images with a projector is very appropriate. Currently we have to screen brightness of choose and buy the product with high enough, otherwise will create constant pressure to the eyes.

We mentioned above the screen brightness, actually that is the biggest drawbacks of the projector LED light source, although the volume is small, but the brightness of the problem can't always break. This is because the LED light source technology bottleneck are relatively obvious, electro-optic conversion efficiency is low, the heat dissipation problem is prominent, and cost is more expensive, so highlight LED mini projector have struggled to appear. Want to achieve the same brightness and ordinary light bulb, LED light source products need a bigger size, and cost is very high.

At present the mainstream market LED mini projector brightness basic are below 1000 lumens, measured the ANSI lumens maintaining basic between 500 lumens and 700 lumens, such brightness in the evening application effect is good actually, but if use during the day, if the picture size to 120 inches, the brightness of the image is stretched, if maintained at 50 inches, brightness is enough. If the market actually ANSI brightness can reach the level of the 1000 s, then the LED light source the practicability of the projector will be greatly increased.

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